Curio Cards as a project exists today as a permanent gallery and exchangeable collection. Today our goal is creating projects and tools that make collecting the original 30 cards fun and easy-to-use. No new cards will ever be released. The types of proposals the Curio Community will need to vote on will mostly cover serving the goal of supporting and expanding access to the original Cards.

Proposal Process

  1. Initial discussion around new ideas and proposals start in the Curio Discord (

  2. A single (or series of) non-binding votes/polls will take place on the Curio Discord.

    1. Each vote will run for least 24 hours to give people from all timezones an opportunity to participate

    2. The votes will help build gauge support and details for the options

  3. The results of the Discord discussion and Votes/Polls will be written up a for review and feedback. The result will be the formal governance proposal.

  4. Governance Proposals are then official voted on at

    1. Votes will be announced on the official Curio twitter account, @MyCurioCards

    2. Votes will run for 24 hours to give people from all timezones an opportunity to participate

    3. Voting uses the popular Snapshot platform which costs no gas, using signatures instead of transactions

    4. Currently the Snapshot voting only works for un-wrapped cards. Support for adding wrapped cards is being worked on

Snapshot lets people vote with their project stake, which combats a type of fraud known as a Sybil Attack. Curio uses a card/rarity weighted vote to prevent incentivizing buying cheaper cards to 'stuff the ballot box'