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How Curio Guilds use Coordinape to thank its contributors!
The DAO relies on helpful community members to run and maintain aspects of Curio Cards. This could look like community/project management, content creation for Curio Cards' Medium account, as well as updating the documents like the one you're reading right now.
All of this is possible through passionate community members just like you who want to contribute something meaningful and share their love for Curio Cards. To thank contributors, a fund was set up with donations to the cause. This fund enables contributors to reward each others' work with $CURIO tokens. $CURIO tracks the Curio Cards floor price on NFTx. You can find out more about how the NFTx Vault works here.
To effectively help contributors see where their allocations go and who is receiving them, the DAO currently uses an off-chain web application — Coordinape.

How to use Coordinape

Here's a helpful video on how Coordinape works:

How to join the Coordinape circle

Note: It's important to remember that even though you can join the circle, you won't receive allocations if you haven't been actively adding value or making positive relationships with other community members! It's what you make of it!
To get added to the circle, you must have entered the Curio Cards Discord server, and joined the DAO channels. Once you're in, contact any Guild Moderator in #dao-discussions. Here's a list of current active Guild Moderators you can message:
  • Crypto Lurker (3371)#4072
  • Konstantin #3252
  • ActiveInferenceLab#3629
  • Svën Höek#8961
  • brianmct#3155
  • zerog#9751
  • travisformayor#7886
You will also need a public wallet address. This address will be viewable by any admin distributing the funds for that month. So, make sure you're providing an address you're comfortable with people seeing publicly. You'll also be granted a @coordinaper Discord role. Please ask your mod for this role, too.
Once you've joined the circle, you'll need to opt in to the epoch to keep updated. Epochs are the monthly contribution cycles which run according to the calendar months. A moderator will remind all members with the @coordinaper role to fill out and allocate their tokens (Raccoon Points) at the beginning and end of each month.


Every contributor starts with 100 Racoon Points at the beginning of every epoch. These do not accumulate. Raccoon Points refresh every month. These also aren't real tokens — they are merely a way to track who has allocated what to whom, before moderators release the funds.
At the end of an epoch, Raccoon Point allocations are counted up and converted into $CURIO, which gets dispersed from the DAO multisig.
To get allocated Raccoon Points, you need to tell your fellow community members what you've accomplished (well done!). Whether helping with documentation, translating a page, assisting with market research or managing a marketing campaign — letting other people know what you've been busy with helps them decide how much to allocate, and to whom.