Week 3: Tools and Organization

The link to recorded twitter space discussion can be found here

Minute Notes

5:40 Discussion begins with an opening question: "How would we like to organize ourselves and others, and what tools could help us achieve this?" An example question: "How would we eventually direct workflow that currently happens mostly on discord now, onto a place where all components of existing groups/clubs/project teams are visible and accessible?

"What if there was a custom webpage/dashboard that pulled discord conversations consisting on project conversations/important information similar to cryptopanic.com, that let people easily create tasks with token bounties based on that resource? And what if it included a global content calendar where the community could see in addition to submitting community events?"

Upon google search there are a some discord + discourse tools to be explored. Perhaps we can use these ideas and apply them to the forum as a start.

The hope is this helps create a better distinguishment between two types of activities that happen simultaneously happen in the discord: general discussions/speculation talks + DAO/building talks.

Right now work is very adhoc some aggregation or interaction to a page could help.

12:28 Continuation of idea: Another approach could be that adhoc teams use whatever they want and figure out systems for their needs. This would be chaotic of course but it means that teams could try out things.

Example: Team C would take ideas and processes from Team A and B, and eventually when Team A and B would finish their projects - everybody could use what they learned and pass on best practices.

  • A lesson from experience tells that there should be just options available to the teams, and they can use them at the disposal. But also manage them in a way that it doesn't become teams using a million tools forever.

16:40 There would also be a distinguishment between DAO projects and community projects. The DAO would perform their projects whilst simultaneously supporting community projects.

18:00 Love the idea of a tech guild that could support this need that could be paid in Curio Cards?

The #mint-guild is in the most need of technical workers at this moment. It's unsure if currently there is enough of these individuals available to create the sort of guild.

Instead we could split these into two different scenarios:

  • The developers who approach the community with the idea are also the ones who develop the project and do so with support from the Curio DAO

  • Curio DAO has in-house developers on a directory available for contact in times that the Curio DAO need assistance from

20:30 There are several websites Curio Cards has up already, what are they?

For reference, Curio Cards current touchpoints (besides twitter and discord) are:



https://docs.curio.cards/ https://wrap.curio.cards/

Whilst https://docs.curio.cards/ serves as an informational tool, it carries certain limitations a custom website could fulfill.

Actionable (no specific timeframe): Design what this custom site would look/do/fulfill as a tool and create a proposal to approach developers with this would include:

  • Ideas and specification

  • Do some design/interate

  • Identify the user types that the webpage satisfies e.g. helps those who want to engage with the community further do so

Side notes:

  • It would be useful to have a list of developers who have worked on Curio in the passed.

  • The project could be broken down in epoch sprints.

  • The webpage could show members and their contributions/total RP earned.

Current project constraints is Curio DAO is facing getting stuck in the design phase, there is no proposed build schedule so the plan is to using the https://www.clarity.so/

41:20 The more visible and communicative we are about how contributors are using coordinape, the better people will understand where and how to donate to.

Content creation would help facilitate this.

48:09 Could Curio begin inviting guest speakers who have special expertise and an interest in DAOs to share insights and brew more discussions surrounding important topics like decentralised legal systems, financing a DAO, ethics etc? Find other DAOs and hold social events. #outreach guild task?

1:0:05 Closing thoughts and Let's use the Discourse as a place for all of us in this discussion to compile our individual notes under a single thread on the forum: https://forum.curio.cards/

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