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Market Data

Here are some resources for tracking Curio Cards market data

Curio Cards Supply: understand the supply make up

Curio Cards Leaderboard: See who owns a full set!

Curio Leaderboard
See all the top collections

NFTGO: Deeper analytics

Crypto Slam

Dune NFT Project Dashboard

Wikipedia (Non-fungible token)

Non-fungible token
Referenced in "Digital Art", "Early Art" and "Buying Surge"

Ezra's Big Sheet of Information

The Curio Cards Supply, Ownership & Price google sheet by community member ezrawithacamera.eth has a ton of information on recent sales, zombie wallets, wrapped percentages, card market cap, rarity adjusted prices, etc. It's a must-see resource for anyone curious about the curio market.
This sheet is outdated. For the most up to date information, visit

Full Set Stats

The community gallery has an extra page that aggregates recent sales data from OpenSea to show the current value of a Full Set, or the USD value to buy or sell 1 of every Curio Card
Curio Cards Sentiment Survey (November 2021)

Market Discussion Discord Channel

The Curio Cards Discord server has a channel dedicated to market data discussion called #market-discussion