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Curio Guilds
List of the current Curio DAO Guilds
All Guilds manage themselves internally, but are answerable to community-wide Cardholder votes and must submit proposals on key actions specific to each Guild. This is done to maintain Community Agreement and Trust.
There is no direct hierarchy, the Guilds are partners. It is common for members to be in multiple Guilds.
  • Outreach Guild
    • Focuses on external and community outreach work, including: Merchandise, Marketing, Partnerships
  • Writers Guild
    • Writers Guild works very closely with the Outreach Guild but organizes on its focus separately, including: Documentation, Blog Posts, Newsletters, Education
  • Mint Guild
    • A group of community artists interested in creating new Curio fan artwork, and minting and airdropping it on Curio Card holders. They collaborate on the technical + financial requirements of large-scale airdrops and work with new artists.
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