Displaying Old Cards in MetaMask

When using a MetaMask wallet to view 2017 cards you need to add each card contract manually to MetaMask first. Note: The modern ERC1155 Wrapped Cards will not display in MetaMask using this method. This is only for looking at the native 2017 contract card balances.

Displaying Cards in MetaMask

  • First, get the contract address for a card from the Card Contracts documentation.

  • Then in MetaMake add the card address as a new, custom token. Never send cards to the card contract address! You will lose them! Once you copy a card address into your clipboard, make sure you don't accidentally paste it into a transfer transaction later!

  • Click 'Next' then 'Add Token'

  • You will now see the balance for that 2017 native card in your MetaMask asset list

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