Daniel Friedman

Artist of Cards 24, 25, and 26

Evolving patterns from a pen-based scientist.

Daniel is a fascinating scholar and Curio Card creator whose combined expertise in art and science offers a unique perspective to the NFT domain. He is an accomplished scientist and researcher who holds an undergraduate degree in genetics from University of California, Davis, and a graduate degree in Ant Genetics, (a Ph.D. from Stanford University, studying the neurophysiology of collective behavior in ants).

Daniel's artistic evolution began when he started creating pen-based art as a teenager. These detailed, small-scale drawings utilized simple elements woven into a complex whole. The patterns and breaks in the repetition of his Curio Cards are mesmerizing and cerebral.

Daniel became interested in cryptocurrencies and distributed cryptosystems in 2015. After researching the potential non-financial applications for these crypto tools, he was intrigued. As a researcher, he recognized their usefulness for solving challenges in the academic and artistic communities. Examples of applications include non-reputable digital identities, cryptographically verifying the authenticity of published scientific papers, and art provenance.

It's all in the Cards.

Daniel's Curio Cards 24, 25, and 26 illustrate the confluence of science, art, and crypto competence. Would you expect less from an artist-intellectual?

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