Robek World

Artist of Cards 21, 22, and 23

The collector’s artist.

Art is more than creation — it’s curation. Robek World learned this early: collecting Japanese anime off dial-up-powered internet. Then, sliding full color pages into translucent binder sheets. Page by page. A binder filled with art. And then traveled among school friends, carried by awe-inducing tales.

The binder was the beginning. 1998. A year that formed Robek for more — webcomics. They were a pretty big deal. So much so that one day, Robek drew his own by hand. Once again, the art circulated school; the first issues. Later came larger comics. And comic conventions in college with his own artist alleys where fans could meet him and view his work.

Robek’s modes of expression grew, too. He wanted to write. And he liked talking shit. Pretty soon, he found Moon, who made — a GNU social clone of Twitter (because Twitter took itself too seriously). Robek trolled and made art, and predicted Zuckerberg’s dream of a metaverse. But he was also sick of the media. So, he embraced anarchism and together with Moon, dove into digital collectibles.

The project to follow? Curio Cards, in 2017. After Moon, Robek was their second fan. He nagged and nagged the founders to let him do cards. They did. Since then, he’s crafted an NFT collection of note, shared his thoughts as a collector, and made numbers of friends. To play in his world, join rwx quest — the NFT stamp collecting adventure he’s continually creating.

It’s all in the Cards.

Robek’s cards are cartoon-y portraits of the Curio Cards founders, Thomas Hunt (Mad Bitcoins), Travis Uhrig and Rhett Creighton. Evocative and energetic, colorful joy, the founders embody three classic character classes: the Wizard, Bard, and Barbarian. The latter winks and flexes with endless courage and cool — the first GIF on Ethereum — despite Robek’s request for more than two frames. It's the on-chain “holographic” rare, and the first card to sell out, just how Robek intended with its halved supply.

Just how Robek intended: the playful art story goes on.

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