🦝Curio DAO

The Curio DAO is a coordination tool run by the community, artists, and cardholders. Tasked with the future of Curio Cards, it has a dual mandate:

  • Support the original Cards: Protect the interests of the artists and cardholders, and maintain and expand documentation, sites, communities, and tools necessary to ensure the long-term fun and health of the original Cards.

  • Develop the Curio Cards ecosystem: Coordinate with the cardholders and artists on any new partnerships, features, and projects that directly impact the Curio Cards ecosystem.

The following pages explain how it carries out these goals, and how you can participate.

To donate to Curio DAO, send crypto (not NFTs) to the DAO multisig wallet address: 0x18a02b8fb8b9df98c6761f30580685276c77f9e1

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