Artist of Cards 1โ€“10, 14โ€“16, and 20

As graphic as crypto gets.

Phneep is the artiste of โ€˜02 photoshop. His level of manipulation is timeless โ€” a treat, and a joke โ€” itโ€™s that good.

Mostly, he makes Bitcoin propaganda; WWI and WWII posters turned to bold Bitcoin originals. Humorous subversions teaching us โ€œwhyโ€ Bitcoin โ€” and how. Taking aim at โ€œbankstersโ€ who ruin the world through a dirty fiat system.

Pranksters like phneep need a butt to their jokes. Satire is second-nature. Itโ€™s how you draw eyes. By now, so is shitposting.

By now, so is being Canadian. We know that much aboot him. Even if his art's made it all the way to the beaches and street-poles of Brighton, in the UK. (Phneep does enjoys a good beach, and a good book, too.)

Heโ€™s mastered mashups, crossing the Canadian Maple leaf with every other flag. Hockey teams, too. Logos. GIFs. Bitcoin in horror movie posters. And then there was Mad Bitcoins.

And then: Mad Bitcoins in movie posters.

But despite picturing what he wants, how he wants, phneepโ€™s name is a sound: onomatopoeia for โ€œcensorship.โ€

It's all in the Cards.

Phneepโ€™s Apples is the first art on Ethereum. His numbering sets the tone for the entire set. Guided by Mad Bitcoins, the first ten cards tell the story of the evolution of mankind into art creators. 14โ€“16 are Bitcoin-rebrands of Coca Cola, Wendyโ€™s and Heineken โ€” crisp, classic photoshop hijinks. And then thereโ€™s the official MadBitcoins trading Card (20), the first portrait on Ethereum.

As phneep might say: thatโ€™s aboot it. For more phneep: See his site.

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