#17b UASF Misprint

Published on the Ethereum blockchain on Jun-20-2017 07:05:52 AM +UTC. Art by Cryptopop.

This was an accidental duplicate deployment of Card 17. It was ignored until the 2021 Rediscovery of Curio Cards and is now considered a canonical part of the Curio Cards collection.

Supply: 497


Card 17b was not included in the official Curio Cards ERC1155 wrapper when it was released, as there was a lot of debate around whether it really counted as a 'real' Curio Card. For a while, it was only tradable on a community-created alternate wrapper, but the Curio Cards team recently put out a new 17b-only wrapper with a smaller royalty paid out directly to the artists.

For the wrappers, two different artworks were created. The first was quickly put together by an anonymous community member; the second was created by Luis Buenaventura, aka Cryptopop, the original Card 17 artist. His artwork contains a number of subtle differences from the original.

Cryptopop's 17b artwork

Initial community wrapper 17b artwork

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