Week 1: People: Introductions, Community, DAO, Guilds

Twitter Spaces Recording

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Minute Notes

04:14 Daniel shares a brief overview of the Curio Survey ran in November 2021 that captured community sentiments and suggestions. You can view the survey slides here.

12:37 We bring to light the possible coordination scenarios that could occur within Curio Cards DAO.

In an ideal scenario, a single individual with a great idea can communicate across their idea to one or more groups of motivated people with the right set of skills and can start that project and see it through to completion. The opposite side would be the ideas would cease to become realized projects, because the person with the idea does not meet either the time, skill or other requirements to make that project a reality. This could indicate a misalignment in the suggestors true motivations or commitment to the idea, of which current active contributors can decide whether to pursue those ideas based on their individual capacities. More slides are discussed with a more scientific lense and we can see that there are 5 identifiable clusters of surveyees that could represent the different levels of interest and engagement (e.g see slide for answers relating to attitudes on the art and supply of Curio Cards). For more in description of the slides and/or questions, feel free to chat with Daniel Friedman in the discord.

14:40 Thoughts about "revolving door" nature and open-endedness nature of DAOs. By nature DAO's allow for short, medium, and long-term contributors and continued learning. "I am here for the journey and to learn, curious about how DAOs will play a role" There are challenges of people jumping in & out. Balancing this with rewards and accessibility so that it is easy to onboard could be a solution to this.

Healthy boundaries could be put in place where individuals can jump in and out. At this stage, Curio Cards DAO may not need a massive amount of people to perform its tasks anyway. This can be explored over time and small numbers are easier to coordinate.

Can we clarify these "routes to participation", for someone who wants to be a team seed? To join something already in progress?

26:18 Quick intermission to revisit on this Townhall. This is week 1 out of a 5 week schedule, and themed conversations to start off Curio 2022. Here are some key docs you may find helpful:

Curio Cards Mission: https://docs.curio.cards/dao-and-contribution/mission-and-ideals

Proposal process: https://docs.curio.cards/dao-and-contribution/proposals

How to contribute to Curio Cards DAO through Guilds: https://docs.curio.cards/dao-and-contribution/curio-guilds

Forum: https://forum.curio.cards/So

To join the dao channels: #dao-start-here

27:48 Thoughts for people want to find ways to add value to Curio Cards as a community. Use a bottom up approach, start some small action that can build up to a guild level. (For e.g. if your you'd like to see more community created content, identify where you'd like to start and create a sample draft of your idea. Then, approach the writing guild where you can find active contributors to help nurture that idea and bring it to life.)

32:05 Is possible that sums of donations could be directed at the most active/value adding guilds with no strings attached? It's very possible and there is a multisig fund with it already in the hands of some multisig signers (guild mods). How it could work:

  1. Donators can donate nominated amount to multisig wallet

  2. A new Coordinape circle would be created consisting of members from the nominated Guild and they can begin allocating funds based on future completed activities.

34:50 Travis answers the following questions:

"How do the guilds all currently get paid?" Contributors currently allocate each other points on Coordinape that a guild mod then allocates $CURIO to from a multisig fund. "How do people communicate what they've done each month?" On Coordinape, there is a description to fill out what things you have been working on each epoch. To learn more about how this works, read this Coordinape guide.

An idea was posed to have a public log of contributions, privacy may be the only mode of concern here.

39:27 Reminder that this is a 5 week Townhall series:

1. People: Introductions, Community, DAO, Guilds 2. Values & Vision 3. Tools & Organization 4. Governance & Finance 5. Future & Next Steps

40:38 Onboarding challenges

42:14 The Discourse forum is quiet now. We can use systems/platforms as needed. But how can we keep communication flowing?

Short 15 minute shows/live interactions where guilds can share WIPs. This can address visibility issues where not everybody is seeing where everybody is at with their projects and contributions.

As a community confidence builder, It would be good to do projects that can be completed within an Epoch. Shorter-term projects and deliverables that can allow teams to complete projects to 100%.

55:15 Coordinape call sessions and call to actions to help contributors remember to allocate before the end of epochs. Can make a note to take the first couple of minutes of each live call to spend time together allocating on Coordinape to build culture around the contributions

101:18 Accountability and Time Zones: A shared Curio calendar of planned activities -- will help coordinate across time zones and help people schedule for the different kinds of events that are happening.

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