Curio Cards
Mission and Ideals
How the Curio DAO and its members guide their activities for the Curio Cards ecosystem


  • Protect and preserve the historical Curio Cards project.
  • Make Guilds a home for Curio Cards artists, developers and the wider community.
  • Make Guilds supportive spaces; the ‘first stop’ for someone with an idea.
  • Educate on art, crypto, and security best practices.
  • Foster collaboration and harmony in the Curio Cards and NFT community.
  • Expand the Curio Cards ecosystem with friends (partners and integrations), support (documentation and community), and tools (dApps, utilities, games and more).
  • Onboard individuals into art, crypto, and the Curio Cards community.
  • Create real opportunities for DAO member growth.



  • Nurture the spirit of Art experimentation and exploration.
  • Pay artists for their work.
  • Respect each person’s artistic preference.
  • Use the power of Art to include more people in Crypto.


  • Keep it Open Source.
  • Create excellence first, financial return second.
  • Use the power of Crypto to include more people in Art.
  • Advocate for Crypto and Web3.

Community Respect

  • Openly accept all Curious Raccoons.
  • Tolerate no harassment.
  • Choose long-term integrity over short-term reward.
  • Spread no FUD or misinformation, even if it benefits Curio Cards.
  • Be family-friendly project. Curio is a cartoon raccoon who loves to collect and share.
  • Respect others' personal financial decisions.
  • Honor the right to anonymity.

Community Collaboration

  • Coordinate, not speculate.
  • Curio DAO is a coordination tool, not a token.
    • We vote with the Cards because we like the Cards.
  • Community growth with openness - no secret paid shilling.
  • Favor decentralized decision making. “Just Say No to Bottlenecks and Hierarchy”
  • Collaboration over speed.
  • Generous use of trust and respect, instead of oversight and control.
  • Empowerment and meritocratic compensation of members’ DAO contributions.
  • Iterative change is the best kind of change.
  • Encourage bold and original ideas.

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