Curio Cards Docs
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Mission and Ideals

How the Curio DAO and its members guide their activities for the Curio Cards ecosystem


  • We protect and preserve the historical Curio Cards project
  • We serve the the artists, the cardholders, and the community
  • We follow the dual mandate to support and develop Curio Cards
  • We support opportunities for education and safety in the NFT community
  • We foster collaboration and harmony between Curio and the NFT community
  • We offer opportunities for DAO member growth within the Curio Cards project



  • We believe in the power of art to create personally meaningful connections for people with crypto
  • We work to keep the spirit of art experimentation and exploration alive
  • We believe that artists deserve to be paid fairly
  • We respect artistic choice


  • We believe in the power of crypto to enable and support digital artists
  • We believe in the power of Open Source to create beneficial public goods
  • We are advocates for crypto and Web3
  • We believe more education about crypto is always a positive thing
  • We honor all questions as learning opportunities

Community Respect

  • Our goal is to prioritize excellence, kindness, and creativity over all else
  • We nurture an accepting community open to all Curious Raccoons
  • We believe that everyone deserves respect, and we have zero tolerance for harassment
  • We value long-term integrity over short-term reward
  • We don’t support FUD or misinformation, even if it benefits Curio Cards
  • We are a family-friendly project
  • We respect the right to anonymity

Community Collaboration

  • We believe in coordination, not speculation
    • The Curio DAO is a coordination tool, not a token. We vote with the cards
  • The DAO is organized into Guilds, which are supportive spaces that act as the “first stop” for anyone looking to help out or share an idea
  • No secret sponsorship — any paid collaborations are fully transparent
  • We value collaboration over the "speed of one." Consensus is a feature, not a bug
  • Instead of oversight and control, we start from trust and communication. We work to empower groups and favor decentralized decision-making
  • We believe community contributions deserve compensation from the DAO
  • We believe that community contributions deserve compensation, the level of which can grow with the DAO over time. See the Coordinape page for more info
  • We favor breaking large projects into smaller ones and getting them across the finish line
  • We believe in iterative change. The best things are built over time, not perfect the first try
  • We encourage bold and original ideas